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​Welcome to A Peaceful Place

Hello! I'm Jane Gallagher and I would be honored to facilitate personal growth with you. 
​I utilize coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and hypnotherapy (optional) to help you navigate out of the current state and into the direction of reaching your desired outcome. I am a facilitator helping you to reach your own answers. I work with a wide variety of issues; to heal, to empower, to dissociate from that which no longer serves you, and to associate with the life you want to live!

Most people are curious about what a session includes...

Coaching means that I am your confidante and I facilitate processes for the development of your goals. I am here to support you in your hopes and dreams and to help you reach them with coaching, NLP, and hypnosis (optional). 

NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is a system of using language and energy to reroute behaviors that you don't want anymore to a better behavior that works for you. NLP can help to dissociate from what does not serve you and associate with what you desire. 

Hypnotherapy is a deep state of relaxation, much like right before you fall asleep. Hypnotherapy is used after sorting out information with NLP to further enhance your desired goals. A mixture of indirect and direct hypnosis is adlibbed based on the beginning interview. 


Each confidential session is an individual experience unique to the client. The results are tailored to you.  I would be honored to facilitate work with you and I hope to hear from you.  


Jane Gallagher, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP, Therapeutic Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Coach®. 


A Peaceful Place

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Available by appointment

  • Confidence

  • Empowering self

  • Quitting smoking

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Physical and emotional health

  • Life direction

  • Stress relief and relaxation

  • Motivation

  • Revitalization