Session Information

A session usually runs about an hour long. We go into depth about what you are interested in working on. We use coaching and neuro-linguistic programming and your unconscious mind to organize and sort information and to dissociate from what no longer serves you and associate to what you hope to achieve. From there hypnosis is optional and usually very helpful to further associate to what you would like. ​

I've worked with many people who have achieved their results after just one session. However, people also come for than one session if they need to get deeper into the issue or into something else,  and the issues are sometimes related unconsciously. We can work on whatever may come up that is valid to you and work it through with the help of your unconscious mind.​ An average issue could take 1-8 sessions, depending on the person and the issue. It is up to you to choose the number of sessions you want.


​Individual Session: $100 per hour



3 sessions for $275
5 sessions for $450
8 sessions for $700

I offer a variety of workshops using NLP and hypnosis. If you would like to organize a group, call me and I will come to your location. 

Workshops: Vary by location, average $10 – $50 per person

Sliding Fee- Call or email to see if this could work for you

*All sessions are individualized, therefore results will vary. These integrative approaches are not meant to replace traditional medicine and are considered complimentary.




"Working with Jane has been awesome. She has helped me to not only uncover my hidden patterns that aren't helpful but has also provided a way to understand and deal with those patterns so I can move forward in my life. I am blessed that I have the opportunity to work with Jane."

 Jane is a dedicated professional in coaching. As a peer, and as a client of Jane, I can in all cerainty verify her effectiveness in creating a comfortable and trusting environment for dealing with personal issues. She has a natural command of the Therapeutic Coaching process. The results of my coaching sessions with Jane exceeded my expectations and was able to clear away a big obstacle in my life with her help.” 

"Jane has helped me to enhance and utilize my skills in both a personal and professional manner. Her work is heart centered and produces results. I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking to improve, in any area of life. Whether it be transforming fears, or cultivating wellbeing, with the help of Jane you will have your desired results."

“Jane helped me to address a specific personal trauma that I experienced. I was left feeling more equipped and empowered to tackle the burdens that my situation placed on my life. I recommend her to anyone who may have any life circumstance that is holding them back. She is an amazingly talented life coach."

"Jane is a wonderful person to work with and genuinely enjoys what she does. She cares about people and truly adores helping them to realize their full potential in the pursuit of true happiness."