Frequently Asked Questions​​

These are some of the questions I answer frequently. If there are any other questions that you have, please feel free to contact me, I am happy to answer them for you.

Why would I see you?​

My answer is, for almost anything that you would like to shift in your mind. The work I do is compatible with things like new and better habits, quitting smoking, weight loss, better diet and exercise, diffusing stress, enhancing excellence in a given area, neutralizing negative charges to situations of past, present or future, public speaking,  change in life direction, breaking unwanted habits, enhancing life capabilities, personal growth, resolving issues of the past, creating a future, stress, relaxation, easing or healing pain, physical issues, emotional issues, unwanted emotions, minor daily irritations, studying help, finding life direction, consoling relationships, manifestation, help with inner conflict, wanting to go in two different directions, fear, resolving broken resolutions, empowering confidence, an extra kick in the pants, and much more.

How many sessions will it take?

The number of individual sessions necessary is different for everyone. Most people notice some results after the first session. Many people like to delve deeper into other issues after noticing the results from the first session. It is up to the client to decide how to proceed. Often 1-8 sessions per issue per person is average. Some clients choose to come in for a session annually, some choose to come in monthly and some come in weekly until the issue is resolved.  There is usually something to work on. The choice of the number of sessions is yours.


How do we start?

​First, we get acquainted and get comfortable. Then we go over whether or not you want to know more details about myself and the work I do or just start telling me what you want to work on.
Next, we use an exercise that helps to organize and sort information. It also helps to dissociate from what you don’t want and associate with what you do want. From there you choose if you need an additional technique to help further get you into your desired outcome.


Do you take insurance?

Unfortunately no, I do not take insurance, however, I do accept payments via cash, check or charge and I offer sliding fees and payment plans. I also have occasional deals. Check with your insurance provider to find out if flexible account spending is an option for you. Some insurance companies reimburse hypnosis for quitting smoking and weight loss session through flex spending accounts, check with your provider as to if and how to go about that. 

Is there anything I should do to prepare?​

If you want to you can but you don't have to. You can practice relaxing, breathing deeply, or meditating can help us in a session to help get clear answers from your unconscious mind. Also, think about what you would like to get out of the session and how you would like to be. How would life be if it were ideal? Can you imagine how exciting life could be?​

God or me? Who is in charge of my destiny?


Can’t we do both? In my audio recordings and in person, I welcome you to say a prayer to include your spirituality.  If you are willing, you can invite a higher power into anything and everything. Be clear in stating what you do want and don’t only state what you don’t want. I ask you to put forth your own effort in achieving what you want and encourage you to ask for help from something greater than you, (if that is right for you), it could be nature, God, a network of people, or whatever is right for you.   It could be helpful but it is not necessary if you are not a spiritual person. 

"Jane. I’ve read your whole website and I still don’t understand what you do."
This is a question I get a lot of the time, “but what do you DO? I don’t get what coaching, hypnotherapy, or NLP is supposed to do”.

Ok, I’ll simplify, since you’ve made it through this much of the site, (thank you).  Coaching, hypnosis, and NLP are simply my tools. I know a lot of people think NLP and hypnosis are not evidence-based and therefore not valid, I invite you to experience a session for yourself and see what you think. I tried it ages ago to quit smoking and it worked for me, so much so that I learned how to provide this for other people. What I do is like intuitively- based therapy. I sit down with you, we get comfortable and chat and I tune into you. I only go into the issue that is present, getting more information than conscious level awareness. Like a psychic uses tarot cards as a tool, I use NLP as a way of asking questions to assist you in figuring out what isn’t working for you, what do you want instead, what do you perceive as a barrier, and what will assist you in shifting you in to your outcome. I simply get a little more information than what is presented alone.  


I use hypnosis, but not in the way you might imagine your classic stage hypnotist using it. After asking a ton of questions, I assist you in progressive relaxation and talk about the things we went through in the interview so that you can adjust what isn’t serving you and allow what you want to come to you more easily. I have studied many forms of hypnosis and mix them all up for easy integration into your system. People are delighted with the results and it feels good. Give it a try and see for yourself. 




Available for:

  • Personal growth 

  • Reaching goals

  • Career direction

  • Enhancing learning

  • Revitalization

  • Better habits

  • Motivation

  • Relationship growth

  • Health and exercise

  • Empowering self

  • Much more, just ask!

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